Helping You Stay Fit – Physical Therapy

Why do so many athletes in California have physical therapists? The reason is that it helps them to stay fit and train at a high level, pushing their bodies to the limit while reducing the chance of injury. If they do get injured, then their PT is there to ensure that they return to training as fast as possible. 

But it’s not just elite athletes who stand to benefit from physical therapy: people from all walks of life can use it to help them stay fit. 

Data from the National Safety Council estimates that there are just over half a million exercise-induced injuries in the US every year, not including specific injuries from sports or bicycling, which comprise millions more. Trauma is a significant risk of engaging in any physical activity. 

Physical therapy is, therefore, a critical tool for helping people to stay fit and healthy. Not only does it cut the chances of serious injury but also helps recovery if and when you damage your body. 

Get Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an essential component of physical therapy. Massage reduces exercise-induced stress and tension in your muscles, opening them up and helping the individual fibres to repair. Many of the top strength and endurance athlete in the world get regular massage to aid recovery and cut the chances of muscle injury during their next training session. 

Assistance with Staying Active

If you’re an older adult, staying active is critical to your overall health and fitness. Physical therapy can help to reduce pain and joint problems which might be preventing you from exercising in the way that you’d like. We offer a range of treatments that increase mobility, improve strength, balance posture, and deal with specific issues, like knee and back pain. 

Manage Arthritic Conditions to Promote Exercise
People with arthritis and related joint conditions might not want to engage in physical activities because they’re worried about pain or damaging their joints further. The problem is that by remaining sedentary, people lose fitness and may harm their health. 

If that sounds like you, then physical therapy can help. A physical therapist can help you design an exercise plan which keeps you active while at the same time, placing minimal stress on your joints. 

Get Help from Technology

Physical therapy combined with technology is a highly effective combination. Not only do you learn all about which exercises to choose, but you can also track them using wearing monitors, like step trackers and heart rate monitors. 

Return Quickly to Your Regular Routine

Injury or illness can interrupt your regular physical activity routine. The role of the physical therapist is to speed your recovery, enabling you to get back to training sooner rather than later. Physical therapists don’t engage in training with you, like a personal trainer might, but they do help to rehabilitate your body and educate you about the kinds of exercises that you should try during your recovery. 

If you’d like to learn more about how physical therapists can help you stay fit, get in touch with us today to find out more.