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Are You Looking For Ruderalis Seeds For Sale Online? Know All About This Autoflower Seed Before Buying It!

If you are a cannabis breeder, you know all about sativa and indica strains of medical marijuana. However, there is another strain and it is called ruderalis. Most often, it is overlooked by everyone except for those who benefit from it for specific medical uses. Those who do know it know it as a wild growing species that has higher levels of CBD. You should only look for ruderalis seeds for sale online after you know all the facts about this cannabis strain. Here are some of the important facts from history to its makeup.

It was thought to be an ancestor of other cannabis strains, it is confirmed that it is a separate species altogether. Ruderalis is a wild and hardy variety of cannabis that grows in Central Asia and Russia, mostly. If you want to cross breed and grow hybrid cannabis, ruderalis seeds are your best bet. In the marijuana industry it is famous for its cross breeding characteristic.

When it comes to size, ruderalis is quite smaller to indica and sativa. Ruderalis plants are stalkier and gather a small number of branches and narrower leaves, when compared to the other two primary cannabis seeds. Due to the small size, ruderalis seeds produce a small yield of flowers. While some may think of it as a disadvantage, it is quite the opposite for breeders who want to grow their own for medicinal purposes at their homes.

It is believed that ruderalis strain originated thousands of years ago in areas like Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, specifically. It still grows there as a weed. Even today, the plants grow near high traffic areas. It was classified after Russian botanist D.E. Janischewsky in 1924.

In the title we said that cannabis ruderalis is autoflowering. Most of know must not know the meaning of the term autoflowering and why cannabis ruderalis is called so. Unlike any other type of cannabis sprain, ruderalis is autoflowering as it can switch from the vegetative stage to flowering in just a few weeks whether or not there are any changes in the light cycle. Most cannabis seeds grow according to a light schedule. The difference between feminised regular seeds and autoflower is that the latter does not need a light cycle to grow. If you need cannabis for medical issues, you should definitely check for ruderalis seeds for sale online as they have naturally higher cannabidiol chemical (CBD) and produces very little THC, which is the substance behind the euphoric high caused by inhaling marijuana. Ruderalis is perfect for those who are looking forward to using the plant for all its medical benefits without feeling high.